Guessing Game

October 14, 2009

The good doctor missed this one by a hair. lol. Ok the product is called a Sqweel. A pig getting butchered immediately comes to mind. This picture is from I didn’t think it’s at the level that would place us in the very good company of redtube, youjizz et al so I included it here. Still for texting me his really hairy guess, the doc gets a bottle of beer on the third world geek’s tab.

Let’s see how resourceful you are boys and girls. Guess what this is and you get a free starbucks coffee from me. No joke. 🙂

Are You A Genius?

Are You A Genius?

Note: I should be crediting the owner of this pic, but I’m not gonna do so, at least not for now. I promise to do so after this activity. lol.