Breast-Cancer Awareness Sexy Ads

October 5, 2009

It is undeniable that breast-cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women.  But the key to defeat it is early detection.  Remember this bosom-loving boys: No one can say that breast-cancer only occurs to older women.  It can happen to younger women too.

And so October is a Breast-Cancer Awareness Month. A lot of organizations are promoting awareness, either in the traditional way, or in some extent, controversial ones. Here’s is one of those controversial sexy ads:
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Keep An Open Mind

October 3, 2009

Talent transcends race.

2009 Sexiest Woman Alive | Esquire Magazine

October 3, 2009

I really thought it would be Megan Fox who’d be taking home this title this year. Apparently not. Enter Kate Beckinsale that girl from Underworld and before that of Serendipity fame. Show me a guy who didn’t fall in love with her in that movie and and I’ll show you a eunuch. 🙂

As a consolation Megan baby, we’ve labelled you as ‘the hotness monster’ so you need not fret. By the way boys and girls, the title, ‘the hotness monster’, is not entirely original. This was a phrase coined in that TV series ‘Greek’. Go watch it, it’s good for your soul. Right.
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Dude, Have You Seen My White Longsleeved Shirt?

October 3, 2009

I got pretty drunk last night.

Pepeng, that overhyped airbag didn’t perform the blowjob he was expected to do. I guess he chickened out. To celebrate, the boys and some girls at work(yep, it’s a freaking saturday and I had to go to work!) decided to get shitfaced in a little bar called In-and-Out near our office. Teehehehe. Sweet name yeah?

I woke up in my own bed this morning without any shirt on. Thank goodness I still have my pants! Peeking outside, I saw that my car’s been parked properly. You know you were in a proper drinking spree when you can’t remember what happened the night before.

However, I’m really worried about my white longsleeved shirt. If any of you guys were with me last night, perhaps you can tell me where it is? Or better yet, who has it?

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How To Have A Perfect Morning

September 27, 2009

Note: I know that there’s too much misery out there today, what with Ondoy and all. The sight of all those people submerged in flood brings tears to my eyes (really). But that bastard has already left the building and this is a fricking porn blog(not really) and the only tears we can spare here are tears of joy, and the only crying you hear are those that go higher, higher, higher, while we go faster, faster, faster, and of course you folks reading this scream more, more, more!

First you wake up at 4am. Of course this presupposes that you slept early. Nothing gets you started for a perfect day than being very well rested the previous night. Why 4am? There are a myriad of reasons why it’s essential that you wake up at this hour chief among them is that wood is hardest during this time of day. Teehehe.

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What’s in a Porn Star Name?

September 23, 2009

Truly is… living to its mission and vision on giving nothing but pornographic experience and testosterone-induced excitements, the Influenza Blogger blog has done a remarkable milestone in the art of porn blogging. Yes! The art of porn blogging is what this blog is all about!

And that what this blog entry is all about… okay I’m kidding… but before the main course of stripped skin of human flesh, let me present to you the blog stats of this blog for the past months of August and September. You’ll be surprised too, because I was like… whoa! Okay, here are the remarkable and unbelievable blog stats coming from slutty peeps who keeps on drooling like they want some more!

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Influenza Bloggers Go Geek!

September 22, 2009

Warning: Do not, I repeat, do not, let your girlfriend(s) read this.

One of the inherent traits of an influenza blogger is that we are, unfortunately, popular with the ladies. I know, that sounds absolutely conceited but like my favorite bad boy boxer Floyd Mayweather says, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.” Look no further than the good doctor if you need proof. Ladies go to him everyday just to open up and say ahh. No joke.

Anyway, because sometimes juggling a couple of girls on a weekly basis while maintaining a harem on the side is such a formidable task, a new application has been submitted to Apple to help out guys who have the same problem as the influenza bloggers. This one not only tracks the names and phone numbers of our multiple girlfriends, it also tracks their menstrual cycles as well and in the process adding addtional teeth to the saying that ‘if you can’t be good, be safe’.
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