Keep An Open Mind

October 3, 2009

Talent transcends race.

What’s in a Porn Star Name?

September 23, 2009

Truly is… living to its mission and vision on giving nothing but pornographic experience and testosterone-induced excitements, the Influenza Blogger blog has done a remarkable milestone in the art of porn blogging. Yes! The art of porn blogging is what this blog is all about!

And that what this blog entry is all about… okay I’m kidding… but before the main course of stripped skin of human flesh, let me present to you the blog stats of this blog for the past months of August and September. You’ll be surprised too, because I was like… whoa! Okay, here are the remarkable and unbelievable blog stats coming from slutty peeps who keeps on drooling like they want some more!

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Don’t “do it” inside the train… please!

September 9, 2009

An officemate friend sent me a picture through YM that a friend of her sent. The picture was taken inside the train. I cannot believe myself that such a picture was posted inside the train! I just can’t help but laugh about it because I am so speechless about this picture that you are going to see… Are you already intrigued? All I can say is… whatever it is just don’t “do it” inside a public transportation such as the metro train or else, you will be punished for doing so… tsk tsk tsk…

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Topless Blogger In Siargao

August 25, 2009

Looks like a beached whale but what the heck, right?  Anyway, this is what I’ve been doing for the past week.  What have you guys been up to?

Beached Whale

Beached Whale


August 18, 2009

If you’re familiar with the acronym above, just smile; for those who are not, you can Google it or you can just read my definition here. BDSM has something to do with roles. We are currently having problems with our roles in this blog. Scratch that, I am currently having problems with the roles. But that was hours ago. I have already seen to that.

Everyone who received the invite can now publish and edit articles. Yippee!

Those who have yet to express their interest in writing for this blog, the requirement is pretty simple;

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First Influenza Blogger Mini-Event

August 17, 2009

This blog started as a germ of an idea during a pre-party meet-up in MOA. As folks were not very comfortable being addressed as influential bloggers, somebody coined the term influenza bloggers instead. Like most germs, the idea went into gestation for a little bit, and though we tried to douse it with alcohol at Lyle’s place, it seemed like the germ simply mutated and became resistant to spirits, fermented spirits that is.

This afternoon, after I woke up I was thinking of greeting the boys via twitter, but I found it too much of a hassle typing in those @’s so I suggested to one of the guys that why don’t we just create a channel – #influenzabloggers and be done with all those @s. He seemed to like the idea so the #influenzabloggers channel came into existence.

I also thought that since we’re at it, why don’t we create a free blog for it as well. 20 minutes later, this blog came into being. 3 hours later, I’m writing this second post and there are already a couple of comments in the first post.

It seems to me that when you have a part of your tagline that rhymes with corn, people will come. That ghost in Kevin Costner’s film Field of Dreams was right after all– ‘Build a porn site, and they will come.’ Teehehehe.

Somebody stop me.

Note: This post has gone haywire. Almost no relation at all to the post title. But, that’s just the way I roll. 🙂