We’re Bringing Sexy Back

Watch for a completely new influenzabloggers site when we completely lose our tail and come out with a bordering-on-nasty blog. Some posts will be totally not suitable for women or NSFW but hey, women who come here are enlightened anyway so it shouldn’t be a biggie.

If you must know, yes we have already purchased the domain just to ensure that nobody usurps our rightful property. And oh, we will start flexing our SEO muscles as well, so if you want to cash in on that, now may be a very good time to contribute. If not, well, it’s not really your loss but it would be a shame.

We still won’t be dishing out posts that upsets anyone’s sensibilities though but we will be a little bit more sexier, a little bit more risque, but a whole lot more marketable. Yes folks, we will be venturing towards the greenland of blogging. This blog will start making money or by God, we will be putting Bloggista on a stake, and burning the bejesus out of him.

Sorry, had a couple of beers tonight. 🙂

Photo from sportsillustrated.co.za

4 Responses to We’re Bringing Sexy Back

  1. zorlone says:


    I was told by a twitter friend that our influenza blog does not load properly, so I checked it out myself. I sure am glad I did because of two reasons;

    The awesome new picture courtesy of sports illustrated and the new website. This will be something to look forward to. I guess it’s time to end the year with a Bang!!!

  2. Gem says:

    As in hardcore style?

  3. bloggista says:

    So Gem prefers some hardcore stuffs. Hmmmm.

    Scary. hehe. peace.

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