2 Smashed 2 Wasted

Bloggista was cradling a bottle of half-empty Jagermeister like it was Jennifer’s Body.  The Doc was redder than a red hot chili pepper.  Novz eyes have turned to slits.


This was the scene that greeted me after I ditched four European countries just to catch the tail-end of Bloggista’s birthday celebration.  Three hours back, I was pulling my hair out in clumps trying to make heads or tails of the reports that I should be doing for these countries.  It didn’t help maters when these same guys were texting me every ten seconds egging me to quit my frigging job– sorry boys, a blogger does not live by adsense alone, unless you’re bloggista.

Before turning completely into a bald eagle, I decided to call it a day and rushed to where these three guys were.  I’ve never seen these guys to be so shitfaced it’s hilarious.  I wish I had my camera with me so I can show their faces here.

Anyway, I tried to compensate for the lost time by drinking like a fish.  I downed three bottles of beer in under 10 minutes, stat.  I smoked like a chimney and started ogling somebody else’s behind that was perilously close to rubbing against the Doc’s dozing face.  After my fourth bottle, I was already buzzing but not the dizzy kind of buzzing though, it was more like buzzing like a bee looking for flowers to erm.. pollenate.

Then Bloggista said that we should go to…..

Next thing I know, I’m in my bed, stripped to my underpants, and the doc was sleeping in a futton below it.  Whether we went somewhere or did something after our drinking party, I no longer have any recollection.

And you know, if you can’t remember a damn thing– it never really happened.

2 Responses to 2 Smashed 2 Wasted

  1. ceblogger says:

    that jaggermeister tastes like a herbal cough syrup. and its container looks like an enlarged efficascent oil bottle. hehe.

  2. zorlone says:

    Really? Why am I having a weird feeling that there was something else that happened? I guess, I left the party early, huh? Rather, my consciousness left the party.


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