Influenza Bloggers go Nude Dancing

Note: This is Bloggista’s contribution.

Unfortunately, the post title is my poor attempt to lure nudists and porn enthusiasts to have a look and hopefully contribute a little for this blog’s awesome Alexa ranking.

After all, this is my first post being one of the Influenza Bloggers who are nothing but a bunch of worthless bloggies trying to make an impression to everyone that we are not always thinking about porn and that blogging isn’t really one hell of a lonely job, err, hobby.

Influenza Bloggers is all about fun, booze, women, and tendencies to bare all just to grab attention and impress Ms. Alexa (who the hell is she?) and fatten Mr. Go Gol’s wallet with adsense cents.

Anyways, should the Influenza Bloggers decide to take all these non-sense stuff one step forward, we’ll be doing what these goofy guys are doing and go viral with YouTube.

Warning: Not for the faint of … heart…

8 Responses to Influenza Bloggers go Nude Dancing

  1. madz says:

    Ha ha ha, brave, they were very BRAVE!

  2. gem says:

    I saw something sticking out there – I just wish….

  3. Jena Isle says:

    I failed to watch this the first time. These men are extremely creative, I have to grant them that.

  4. Jhong Medina says:

    Influenza Bloggers should do their own version of this! Lols!

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