2009 Sexiest Woman Alive | Esquire Magazine

I really thought it would be Megan Fox who’d be taking home this title this year. Apparently not. Enter Kate Beckinsale that girl from Underworld and before that of Serendipity fame. Show me a guy who didn’t fall in love with her in that movie and and I’ll show you a eunuch. 🙂

As a consolation Megan baby, we’ve labelled you as ‘the hotness monster’ so you need not fret. By the way boys and girls, the title, ‘the hotness monster’, is not entirely original. This was a phrase coined in that TV series ‘Greek’. Go watch it, it’s good for your soul. Right.

Anyway, Kate Beckinsale is the kind of girl that you’d readily bring home and introduce to Mommy, and of course to your little friend. hehehe. By the way, Kate already has a kid and yet you see her in this photoshoot and she’s still smoking ::wringing my hands:: hot!

One Response to 2009 Sexiest Woman Alive | Esquire Magazine

  1. ibgeronimo says:

    Watched Kate in Underworld and boy, isn’t she gorgeous. Can’t take my eyes off her. She deserves this over what’s her name. Peace! “,)

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