Topless In Wordcamp Philippines 2009

I, along with a few influenza bloggers attended the WordCamp Philippines and looks like we won’t even get a lousy shirt. Oh man, talk about a serious case of blue balls. I have to admit the only reason I attended WordCamp Philippines was for the WordPress Tshirt. And because I work nights, I went straight from the office to AIM which means I am tired, sleepless, and now, looks like I’ll be going home shirtless as well! And to think I paid good money to be there.

Argh, this is frigging frustrating!! Never again! And to think I only have good intentions for wanting to have a WordPress shirt. My friend who models for Nissan Shift needs it really badly, though I think that guys would rather she stay just the way she is now.

Oh well, enough with the drama, here’s my friend. Let me know if you want her number.

3 Responses to Topless In Wordcamp Philippines 2009

  1. Lyle says:

    I still remember how we were giggling and laughing in our seats while the speakers are having a hard time discussing about things. LOL

  2. bloggista says:

    Darn you nutty heads! You put a hidden cam on my truck while I was drunk. Revenge’s on my head right now I warn you. 😉

  3. jan geronimo says:

    Nahihirapang mag explain? Bakit? Akala ko ba WordCamp pinuntahan ninyo. Di kaya boot camp yan? Ahehehe

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