Sexy Nobody Nobody But You Video

This is in response to a challenge posted by TWG prior to this one.  I don’t really know why I am doing this, and I don’t even know the artists behind this craze. But I scoured youtube to find a sexy Nobody Video. Sexy by whatever definition, just check out this one and you’ll be amazed:

Sexy Nobody Nobody But You Video

Can you beat that?  Haha! Maybe the influenza bloggers can have their own version of this video.  Bloggista can be our lead dancer.  And I’ll handle the camera. wink wink.

4 Responses to Sexy Nobody Nobody But You Video

  1. […] it… followed by ceblogger who is up for the challenge for finding what he thinks is the better (or best) version of the song “Nobody”… and then finally… here I am… finding myself […]

  2. jan geronimo says:

    Camera work? Ahehehe. Chicken parang ako. lols

  3. ceblogger says:

    jan, you do the choreo. i already have the cam. haha!

  4. blogRebel says:

    LOL! Wahahaha. Good idea!

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