Nobody, nobody but the Smurfets!

Oh yeah… so the challenge began… I can’t believe we have it in here… duh! Hahaha… And so, thirdworldgeek (TWG) started this challenge of searching the coolest video of Wondergirl’s “Nobody” versions… TWG started it… followed by ceblogger who is up for the challenge for finding what he thinks is the better (or best) version of the song “Nobody”… and then finally… here I am… finding myself doing this challenge… double duh! And so, without further ado… i present to you what I think is the best video version of the Wondergirls’ “Nobody”! Hahaha… here it goes!

What do you think guys? Mas malandi ba sila? Just look at the dancer in tube bra and bolero. Lols!

2 Responses to Nobody, nobody but the Smurfets!

  1. Hahaha. I had to google what a bolero is.

    • yatot says:

      dont worry.. i also have to google it before i actually write the word “bolero” hahhaha.. im not sure about the term before eh… i asked my officemate pa beforehand… hahahaha…

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