I Challenge You!! Yes, You, Nobody, Nobody, But You!!

Here’s something I cooked up.  Since this is probably one of the most worthless blogs in the blogging universe (please, no need to clap), I thought about dumbing down this blog some more with a really stupid video challenge centered around (where else ?) the infamous, the fabulous, the horridly over-exposed NOBODY video of the Wonderbras I mean Wondergirls.

The challenge is simple.  Scour the entire world wide web for the funniest adaptation of the Nobody video and post it here.  If you don’t know how to embed a youtube video here, please check with Doc Z if you are indeed human, and not a tree.

So the only rule is that your blog has to be created after May of 2009.  That’s it.  You can even nominate yourself.  Hmmm, something’s wrong with this rule.  Biro lang po.PEACE.

The challenge will start today and will end next Saturday.  By then I’ll be creating a poll and ask all our readers (3 & counting) to vote for their choice.  The winner will receive a free non-refundable airline ticket to Kazakhstan (one-way only) and an autographed topless photo of Doc Z minus the black strip.

Alright!  To start, here’s my entry.

10 Responses to I Challenge You!! Yes, You, Nobody, Nobody, But You!!

  1. […] Nobody Nobody But You Video This is in response to a challenge posted by TWG prior to this one.  I don’t really know why I am doing this, and I don’t […]

  2. […] of searching the coolest video of Wondergirl’s “Nobody” versions… TWG started it… followed by ceblogger who is up for the challenge for finding what he thinks is the better […]

  3. madz says:

    Ha ha, you’re prizes were all encouraging! To all the girls who were adoring Doc Z, this is your chance! 😀

  4. jan geronimo says:

    Awwww. Galing – pati lyrics very special. Ahehehe

  5. Any excuse to prance around in those little yellow clone-dresses and papier-mache-and-Hefty-bag wigs, apparently.

  6. I guess you could say “these guys have too much time on their hands.”

    • ceblogger says:

      holly, the video you showed are of the cebu inmates. they have too much time in their hands. it’s better than loneliness or jail fights. dancing is their way of rehabilitation.

  7. Jhong Medina says:

    Two Thumbs Up!!!! I like this.

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