Don’t “do it” inside the train… please!

An officemate friend sent me a picture through YM that a friend of her sent. The picture was taken inside the train. I cannot believe myself that such a picture was posted inside the train! I just can’t help but laugh about it because I am so speechless about this picture that you are going to see… Are you already intrigued? All I can say is… whatever it is just don’t “do it” inside a public transportation such as the metro train or else, you will be punished for doing so… tsk tsk tsk…

And here goes the controversial picture that you will not ever do inside the metro train!

pull it up

It’s not always porn you know! Hahahaha! You fiddled, sick and porn minded people! Hahahahaha!

6 Responses to Don’t “do it” inside the train… please!

  1. zorlone says:

    Oo nga naman. If people start doing it inside the train, then the handle bars would have taken too much punishment and finally give. LOL

    Then there wont be anything to hold on to when people DO IT! he he he


  2. puzzle says:

    He he, yeah, I thought it was a picture about a couple displaying some affection.

    Malay mo naman nag-‘fart’ lang siya? LOL!

  3. Haha, nice one you got here. It’s a good catch! LOL:)

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