Influenza Bloggers (An Acrostic)

This searching in the web – for those of you beware,

has an outbreak of influenza spread out there?

I‘m sure there’s no need to panic and to need to run,

some folks just want to have a little clean fun.

Possibly a rare influenza, definitely “a flu,”

of what vaccine you ask? To protect me and you?

recently this  site, is for you to stumble upon,

not for the faint of heart, but a twisted kind of wisdom.

set free all your stress and frustrations as you read,

in this influenza blog, watch out out for some treats.

True, you are just looking for a porn site to visit.

Eh! Come on! This is more exciting – a titillating beat!

Reserve some sexy women for later and make some neurons to work,

or you’d rather lie writhing from a worthless time to jerk?

come on and bring some company and set the mood in the air,

knock out those perverted thoughts – hey, influenza here, didn’t you see the title?

So go out and sneeze! Let this epidemic spread,

your surfer-, blogger-, and horny friends – let these posts be read.

oh and on your way out, don’t forget to subscribe,

ugh! Because you might find what you are looking for, if not now, maybe next time!


4 Responses to Influenza Bloggers (An Acrostic)

  1. yatot says:

    come to think of it my dear poet,
    we dont have a subscription box, anywhere,
    how can we spread the influenza virus then,
    if the subscription box is somehow missing.

    from a wide array of circumstance,
    a reader shall not wink nor cried aloud,
    if ever they cant find a subscription box anywhere,
    another day of thoughts and fiddled minds, i swear.

    • zorlone says:


      A place for relaxation,
      desired blog for dun.
      Ditch the TV and Radio,

      out goes the PSP and ipod nano.
      Unwilling to be ignored,
      reach into what our posts offered.

      Sit back and grab some beer,
      in this corner of a site for cheers!
      Thanks for keeping updated,
      envy you must, our site is rated!


      PS (another acrostic)


  2. Wow! Doc Z made this post? Ang galing mo talaga doc! Mag-comment ka rin some time ng mala-poem sa blog ko. Astig!

  3. zorlone says:


    Nice seeing you here! Sure, just be a little patient because sometimes, it doesn’t come naturally. he he he.

    I will do that when I am ready. Will be there sooner than you think. 😉


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