Learning Ilocano with a twist!

Over a year ago, I went to Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte to learn, to study and to absorb their culture, heritage and some scientific-historical backgrounds. Two of my officemates and I were tasked to help in an event that our company has sponsored. Aside from that, we had the privilege of a lifetime to enjoy a four-day vacation in the Ilocos region and have a site-seeing spree. Oh yes, by the way… the Ilocos Tour was for FREE!

And so, apart from what I have learned above during my time in the Ilocos region, I also learned their language (Ilocano), and brought home some intellectual Ilocano words. Perhaps these words are the porniest words I had ever encountered. You can’t blame me, I live in Manila. Hehehe… So, are you curious enough to know what I’ve learned? The following are the Ilocano words that I have encountered during my stay in Ilocos:

calle crisologo far view

Calle Crisologo in Vigan, Ilocos Sur

Kabatiti. The sound may be a bit vulgar to you and may refer to male genitalia (titi is a Filipino term for penis for those English speaking people who are curious what is this all about!) but no… kabatiti in Ilocano refers to a vegetable called patola or loofah in English. It’s a kind of gourd vegetable that grows in vines. So, if you want the soup dish miswa bola-bola na may patola (meatballs soup with patola) the Ilocano way, you might want to order, “miswa bola-bola na may kabatiti”! 😛

Utong. Another Ilocano word that I have learned during my stay in Ilocos. In most Filipinos living in Manila like me, an utong may refer to a tagalog term equivalent for nipples. Yes. All animal species have them but are most visible in the woman’s upper body physique. Utong in Ilocano refers to sitaw or string beans. A local delicacy in the Philippines would mistakenly identified as a vulgar food if you ordered an “Adobong Utong” (Adobong Sitaw that is, or String beans in savory sauce) in carinderias. 😀

Bayag. Nope. It’s not again a vulgar word. Ilocano refers the word bayag (which people in Manila may refer to testes in the male organ) to something that is taking your time. In Filipino, it means tagal or matagal. So, if you say, “Ang bayag-bayag mo naman…” this could only mean “Ang tagal-tagal mo naman…” or “You are taking so much of my time…” or something to that effect. So, there… don’t be so bayag, ok? 😛

If you think I only invented these words just for this porn blog, well, you are wrong… here is a proof that these words truly exist (link)… with some more interesting Ilocano words posted in here! Hahaha… have a nice day!

12 Responses to Learning Ilocano with a twist!

  1. Zorlone says:

    It took me just one look at the title to figure out who wrote it. he he he.

    Dya ko mawatan yatot! Day toy ti kabatiti, naimas!kayat sika?

    Pardon my Ilokano, it may sound barok (caveman-ish)

    Cool post!


  2. yatot says:

    damn! i dont have a permission to approve comments daw! hahahhaha!

  3. jangeronimo says:

    Yatot, is this you. Wala na – nasira na wholesome image mo sa akin. Ahahaha. Great post. I love the translation complete with how it’s used in every day conversation. 🙂

  4. madz says:

    Ha ha ha, it made me a good laugh 😀

  5. Jena Isle says:

    Daytoy ti ar-armiden yo? Yatot, baka ma-censor ka, but being in the health allied profession, I am not a “nini” too about these things(genitalia, etc). I do discuss these complete with graphics and colored pictures, even.

    The Ilocano dialect is a rich one. Have you heard of “Ania ti nagan mo?” You should learn these simple sentences if you plan to go back to the Ilocos region.

    The beaches of Bangui are like the Boracay beaches during summer, iyon nga lang walang cottages – just pure unadulerated, fine white sand and the clear, sparkling blue waters.

    “Kaano kayo nga apan idiay?”

    Now, it’s your assignment to research on the meaning of these sentences.

    • yatot says:

      @mam jena: hahahha… yes! ito po ang ginagawa namin dito sa influenza bloggers… katuwaan lang.. nothing personal… hehehe… hindi naman kami mase-censor… we are doing this just for fun! hehehe…

      “Ania ti nagan mo?” hehehe… “Anong pangalan mo? nag-research ako… hahhaha

      “Kaano kayo nga apan idiay?” hmmm… hindi ko po alam kung kailan kami ulet babalik… sana soon! hahahahha

      ayus po ba ang sagot? heheheh 😀

  6. Sexy Girls says:

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    […]Learning Ilocano with a twist! « Influenza Bloggers[…]…

  7. tagalog movies…

    […]Learning Ilocano with a twist! « Influenza Bloggers[…]…

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