It’s Just Not Meant to Happen, Yet!

When I first met Ceblogger during the iblog 5 summit last May, we have planned to play badminton since! Every time we agree on a specific date and time, there has always been some last minute cancellations. Jinxed? I  hope not.

It was a lazy Saturday when I was introduced to Ceblogger, rather, when Ceblogger approached me and called me, uhm… (Dude, can you do me a favor and comment here, I forgot what name it was you called me then). So, anyway, I was surprised that this soft spoken big man (I’m only 5’4 and his towering 5’8 is already big in my standard). Instinctively, I looked at Roy and Fatherlyours if they knew this guy.

I was relieved that they somehow knew each other. A short introduction was made. Then comes along thirdworldgeek who instantly gave me a lecture about the two schools of thought in making a short and a (very) long post in their blogs. “Geek nga sya!” I told myself. (He’s really a geek!)

It was later when I learned that this guy (Ceblogger) plays badminton and I was pretty excited that he did. At last, a blogger and a badminton player. These were the magic words filtered by the search engine in my brain. I got Ceblogger’s number and scheduled to meet up with him the following week to play.

Unfortunately, we haven’t played yet. Drink and meet ups, yet, but play at the badminton court, N-O! It looks like the more we plan, the greater the possibility that it wont push through.

I don’t know about you Ceblogger, but, this coming Saturday, I will bring some of my gear. Who knows what might happen. The plan is not to make any. Let’s just talk about Naruto and One piece. Right Thirdworldgeek?

One last question, how come we don’t see players like this one anymore? (This is the part where you look back at the title lol)

Camilla Martin

And when she’s not playing in the badminton court.

She's now retired guys

3 Responses to It’s Just Not Meant to Happen, Yet!

  1. yatot says:

    i never had a sport like badminton! but I keep a family tradition of playing polo, golf, horse-back riding and croquette… you know… those sports games filthy rich people play! hahaha… and oh… i love blood as well! I play the hitman slash the slasher slash the assassin in most real life mafia wars! yeah.. we do that in our organization! 😀

  2. ceblogger says:

    ah, camilla martin! I remember her very well. I usually lose when I play against pretty women, so i dare not challenge her.

    Sige,I’ll bring my gears too. Street badminton? or water badminton?

  3. Zorlone says:


    Me too! I definitely lose. But I try to win whenever my partner is a pretty player. 😉

    I might be able to bring just a pair of shorts. Shoes that can be used in a badminton court and a dri fit shirt/s.

    Pwede din water badminton.

    BTW, what was the name you called me before? At iblog5?


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