The Model and the Geek!

Inspired by the Beached Whale post by thirdworldgeek, I started to dig up my iphoto and found a picture of my friend model (not her true occupation) and I at Samal Island in Davao. No topless shots were taken there (sorry guys), just some family and friends who were having a great time and enjoying the sun and the sand.

I tried to borrow a DSLR camera from a friend of mine, but, I failed, so I settled for this point and shoot Sony cybershot that was lying on our table. Geez! That was my camera. Boy, this picture sure brought a lot of wholesome memories. We spent four days in Davao where we hiked up Camp Sabros for zipline, injured our muscles from white water rafting, and ate our hearts out at the cheapest restaurants in the city.

We actually met a few locals, by we, I meant – the boys, and by locals – I meant friendlies! Bucket upon bucket we had our fill of San Mig Light while playing 8 ball at a local club. I think it’s safe not to mention that particular place. I don’t want the influenzabloggers having any ideas of going there without me!

My model (not her true occupation) friend and I (holding my breath)

My model (not her true occupation) friend and I (holding my breath)

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10 Responses to The Model and the Geek!

  1. Woohoo! Tama nga, The Doc is a ladies man! hahaha.

  2. ceblogger says:

    see what a poet and his poems can do! there was that girl at pagcor, then that one at timog. i wouldn’t be surprised this weekend if there would be another. haha

  3. Lyle says:


  4. Lyle says:

    Should I be…Proud? *chuckles*

  5. yatot says:

    should I write my comments or just zip my mouth shut! hahahha… bakit meron pang takip na black yung eyes… hehhehe 😛

  6. […] of a lot of guys’ inhibitions.  Who would have thought that the good doctor would be posing topless online (strategically barring a lady friend’s potential scene-stealing-curves no less!), or yatot […]

  7. bloggista says:

    The black strip emphasizes the one word the best describes this photo – NAUGHTY. Hekhekhek, hmmm, doc, where is she now? 🙂

  8. jangeronimo says:

    I can’t hear myself think whenever I come across this post. That black strip across the eyes always spooks me. Or it might be the roar of the surf – there’s a sea somewhere, right?

    My twitter buddy @andysmailes has the phrase for stuff like this, “Geeky joy!”

    Are your eyes lit up with this geeky joy in this pic? I presume so.

  9. Jena Isle says:

    Nanay, says no comment. But I want to say something, can’t help it. I see nothing wrong with this pic. It’s a wholesome one, I say remove the black patches! he he he.

  10. jan geronimo says:

    Hayun o – nahuli ng nanay. Beh. Akala mo di ka makikilala sa style mo nyan ha. ahahaha. Buti game nanay mo, kundi may pingot ka sa tenga. lols

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