Another Influenza Outbreak

If things push through, and if Ceblogger won’t burst a tire going to my house, a ragtag band of influenza bloggers will be wreaking havoc in Timog once again. Nothing spectacular really, it’s just your usual heartbreaking, mouth-watering, hyperventilating meeting of the hottest dudes this side of the planet (we wish).

So hold on to your knickers QC girls, stay out of the water or you’ll get wet when you see us pass by. Yiiihaaa.

5 Responses to Another Influenza Outbreak

  1. zorlone says:

    I wonder who got the free cigarettes from that sexy QC girl… 😉

    I bet you are enjoying every puff of each lighted stick, huh?


  2. ceblogger says:

    i got a pic as evidence to that. hehe.

  3. Those girls were really banging! Imagine pati si Bloggista napayosi nang di oras. nyahahaha.

  4. w8sgfx says:











    *raises fists*

  5. yatot says:

    whew! i felt the tension… is it hot in here? hahahhaha *tssstt*

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