Topless Blogger In Siargao

Looks like a beached whale but what the heck, right?  Anyway, this is what I’ve been doing for the past week.  What have you guys been up to?

Beached Whale

Beached Whale

13 Responses to Topless Blogger In Siargao

  1. ceblogger says:

    doing just like that, but within the four corners of my room! dreamt of white sand beaches too.

  2. yatot says:

    haaayss… ganda ng tubig sa beach! ako sa bahay lang.. buti ka pa… hehehhe

  3. jangeronimo says:

    I have this fascination with beached whales, too. What can I say – I’m an environmentalist when it suits me. :)… That’s a very cool place to be. No other ridiculous, loud-mouthed tourists spoiling your stay in that glorious beach.

  4. Lyle says:

    A whale? I thought it was some celebrity chick who happened to be topless while running like a school girl in the beach. I’m beginning to imagine BAY WATCH hotties. Woooh…Nuff. Back to work. LOL

  5. zorlone says:


    Are you an endangered species? You want me to call the environmentalists to bring you back to the ocean? he he he.

    You really can’t leave your phone inland huh?
    (alam mo na kung sino ang kukuha ng phone mo kapag nawala?) ::evil grin::

  6. jangeronimo says:

    Guys, harbatin natin ang whale na yan. Gawa tayo ng Ocean Park big enough to accommodate a whale. We’re not only creatives, di ba? We’re business minded din?

  7. Hahaha! Loko. The phone is important, Venus could come out of the water and give me her number.

    Jan make sure that the tank you’ll have me stay is filled with beer, not water. lol.

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