That is the literal translation of the habal-habal that I found myself riding earlier.  If you’re still confused, six = anim.  If you still don’t get it, check your lineage, you might be a walking fungi. I could probably use the crass tagalog word used to describe the act and although the effect would be of shockingly pornographic value, I prefer my writing to be creatively softcore.

Anyway, I had to ride a habal-habal for 15 kilometers just to reach Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig, Surigao Del Sur.  I have to say 5 persons riding one single motorcycle is suicidal.  Throw in a very rough terrain and a mountainous trail and that would be enough to make the bravest man’s sphincter to cower.  Hehehe, go easy on the imagery.

It was such a pain in the ass.  Literally.

But some things, like world peace and the Tinuy-an Falls are worth it.  Here’s a pic.

Tinuy-an Falls

4 Responses to Anem-Anem

  1. jan geronimo says:

    Creatively soft core. Now, that’s something to aspire for, methinks. But the place is worth the aggravation to your sphincter. Did you make a splash? 🙂

  2. jhongmed says:

    Pare Ganda ng Photo mo! Next time sama mo kami!

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