Getting Your User Name

Ok, so I feel that I need to elaborate some more regarding the wordpress account thingy. Looks like I only sowed confusion when I should be sowing my wild oats.

Alright, the username is real important because without it, you will not be able to get your Akismet API? Remember the Akismet plugin? It requires an API which can only be had if you have a account. Now I won’t muddle the point some more. So let’s get back on track.

For you awesome studmuffins to be able to publish your posts here, you need a account. Even if you already have a self-hosted wordpress blog, that one is under the realm of– get my point? .com vs .org. Big difference. Anyway, the real test here if you already have a account is to go to and type in your username and password (the one that you use to access your self-hosted blog) when prompted. Just to be clear a self-hosted blog is one that has no tails(, following the domain name and is hosted outside of blogger and/or wordpress or any other blogging platform. Sample is or

If you’re not sure and you just want to create a new account, even better! Again just go to and fill in the blanks. You should see something like this.

Getting A User Account

Please take note the last two buttons. You don’t need to create a wordpress blog. You can just get a username.

This is how you get your account. The username and password is the one that you will use when you log-in to The email address that you used as shown in the screenshot is the one that you need to send to me for the invite.

Clarifications, questions, reactions, send me a twit.

4 Responses to Getting Your User Name

  1. ceblogger says:

    thanks for the info! i forgot how to start over.

  2. jan geronimo says:

    Will I still get the studmuffin moniker even if I botch the second log in attempt? Ahehehe. Another word learned. I feel smarter already by just reading some posts here. 🙂

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